Why Choose 360 Eyecare?

Mission Statement:

360 Eyecare’s mission is to provide and ensure the most comprehensive delivery of eyecare through multiple office locations, unifying the care embodied by the brand.

Vision Statement:

360 Eyecare strives to create an environment where optometrists and optical staff work cohesively to serve the needs of their patients’ eye health and eyewear needs. Our vision is aimed at implementing seamless integration of services across all locations through cutting-edge technology in eyecare and eyewear.  360 Eyecare’s paperless electronic records allows for each location to not only provide comprehensive care independently, but to also provide further accessibility and care opportunities through the other locations; eliminating the long wait-times for referrals, and inconsistencies between disciplines.

In addition to our unanimous comprehensive eyecare platform, each of our locations provide unique services and expertise to fulfill the full scope care which we promise to deliver. From our Dry Eye Clinic and advance Retinal diagnostic tools, to quality eyewear with customized lenses, as well as hard and soft contact lenses.  Our focus is on providing the best in eyecare and eyewear; we have a commitment to integrating the latest innovating technology into our patients’ care, making it our responsibility to lead the industry in cutting edge care.

Each location’s specialized treatment capabilities allows for specific and personalized treatment under the same care and trust that we aim to instill in our patients.

At the 360 Eyecare – Beaches location we have state-of-the-art Dry Eye diagnostic clinic and we offer specialized treatment procedures such as BlephEx, and Punctual Plug implants.  In addition, our over the counter supplements offer a one-stop shop to complement the Dry Eye Clinic.

At the 360 Eyecare – Metro location we’re equipped with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) with auto-fluoresce for advanced retinal and optic nerve imaging. Along with Corneal Topography for corneal disease detection and specialty contact lens fitting.

Lastly, 360 Eyecare – Rosedale location boasts our newest optical boutique yet and carries the largest selection of our house-branded frames, Integrum, made with high quality acetate, stainless steel, and soon to come titanium collections.

360 Eyecare - Optometrist in Toronto+++

To book your appointment today with one of our optometrists please call or email us at info@360eyecare.ca. You could also make an appointment in person by visiting one of our locations at the following addresses:

360 Eyecare – Metro, 137 Wellington St West, Toronto, ON M5V 3C7

360 Eyecare – Beaches, 2128 Queen St East Toronto, ON M4E 1E3

360 Eyecare – Rosedale, 120 Bloor St East, Toronto, ON M4W 1B7