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    Virtual Consult FAQ

    Tele-optometry is the provision of vision and eye health services that are delivered within the scope of practice of optometry using electronic health information, medical and communication technologies, and where the provider and patient are separated by remote distance.

    Tele-optometry is a service that can be used for urgent eye care matters.  You may access this service if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

    •           Sudden ocular pain
    •           Sudden loss of vision
    •           Sudden onset of light flashes, floaters, or visual disturbances resembling shadows
    •           Sudden change of vision
    •           Red or painful eye due to injury
    •           Red or painful eye with a history of recent eye surgery
    •           Pain, redness and/or discharge in the eyes or surrounding areas (eyelids, brow areas)

    Telehealth and Telemedicine are often used interchangeably but are distinguished in terms of their scope. Telemedicine describes the remote delivery of clinical medical services, such as diagnosis and disease management, but Telehealth includes the delivery of health promotion and disease prevention information and therapeutic care. As such, Telemedicine is a part of Telehealth, and Tele-optometry is a part of Telehealth. 

    Your online consultation may involve video chat, direct messaging, or photo uploads.  Your online consultation protects your privacy using encryption technology for any personal information or images that may be shared between you and the doctor on the platform. 

    You will be asked questions about the nature of your symptoms as well as your health history if relevant, including any medications you are taking.

    As of now (April, 2021) There is no OHIP coverage for telemedical optometry services.  Every private insurance will vary in coverage depending on the insurance provider and the specific plan offered. Our office will email you an invoice at the end of your virtual consultation that you can use to submit to your insurance if applicable.

    The fee to access this service is $75 per consultation. At the end of the consultation the system will prompt you to make an online payment with a valid credit card. Be sure to have your credit card ready before the beginning of your consultation to avoid delays.

    ** Not all urgent eye care matters can be managed via telemedicine, and following your consultation you may be asked to book an in-person appointment to be evaluated more thoroughly.