Since the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed a UV index, more people have become aware of the risks associated with UV radiation. But, are you aware that UV radiation also does harm to your eyes? Wearing sunglasses is the best defence against these harmful rays.

Importance of Sun Protection

Simple tasks like stepping out in the sun or switching on your PC or phone or even flipping on the wall switch expose your eyes to a wide range of visible light rays and invisible UV rays. Prolonged exposure to the UV light has been linked to eye damage including macular degeneration, pterygia, photokeratitis and cataracts that can lead to temporary vision loss. Wearing sunglasses that block out these UV rays is both functional and fashionable!

Colour of the Lens

The degree of UV protection a pair of sunglasses offers has nothing to do with the colour of its lenses. In other words, as long as your optician has certified that the lens blocks more than 99% of the sun’s UV light then the choice of color/ tint density is up to you. Sunglasses that block the sun’s HEV rays are copper or amber in color. This distinct feature blocks out blue light and enhances contrast making them ideal for outdoor sports/ activities.

Sun Protection for Children

About 50% of a person’s Lifetime Exposure to UV Radiation Occurs by Age 18: A Good reason for children to wear sunglasses with the proper UVA and UVA protection. A child may not be interested in the fashion aspect of a pair of sunglasses compared to what an adult would. However, since they spend most of their time outdoors it would be a smart idea to buy a pair for them. In addition to this, children’s eyes are more susceptible to HEV and UV radiation since their crystalline lens is typically clearer than the adult lens, allowing more harmful rays to go through.

A person’s exposure to UV radiation increases in highly reflective environments like on sandy beaches or in a snowfield as well as in high-altitude areas and at the tropics.  The next time you are on vacation, remember to buy your child sunglasses with the right parameters. They will thank you for it.

How to Choose a Pair of Sunglasses for Your Child?

Accessorize With a Cord

When you are out shopping for kid’s sunglasses and you make your purchase, you’ll be told how to take care of them. This will include recommendation for the ideal cleaning cloth and solution, plus a case to store the sunglasses when they are not worn.  If you are concerned about losing them, one option is to attach cords. These are attached to the temple of the sunglasses so that they don’t fall off.

Keep Up With the Top Trends In Kids’ Sunglasses

  1. A style that mimics adult sunglasses. They are cool, trendy and sophisticated.
  2. Plastic models in vibrant colours.
  3. Sports eyewear.
  4. The clip-on design. These are prescription eyeglasses readily available for kids. Newer models do not have metal clips to attach to but instead have magnetic ones.
  5. Brand appeal – just like the popular adult sunglasses trend, kids’ sunglasses produced by big brands are a hot commodity. Major sunglasses and eyewear manufacturers have partnered with Disney and young celebs to appeal to the young generation.

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