If you have recently visited your eye care provider you may have heard about retinal imaging or you may have been asked if it is something that you are interested in having done as part of your full and comprehensive eye exam. You may be unsure as to what this screening is, how it works as well as its usefulness.

Retinal imaging is an advanced type of screening that allows your optometrist to get a more detailed assessment of your ocular health as well as your health overall. Retinal imaging equipment captures a digital photograph of the back wall of the eye which encompasses not only the retina but also the blood vessels and the optic nerve. These images are highly effective in diagnosing and treating an array of medical issues such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration as well as hypertension. For this reason it is a strongly recommended component of your annual or bi-annual eye examination.

Oftentimes patients are concerned about immediate or long term effects of retinal imaging. Here’s the good news; there are none. Unlike x-ray technology this equipment operates in the same way as any camera, meaning it does no harm whatsoever to your eyesight or your health. It is entirely safe and ensures that you are receiving the best care possible. In most cases you will be shown these images which will allow you to have further insight into your own ocular health as well as the health of your body. These images will also be kept with your file which means that each time you have them done by your optometrist they will be able to review and compare any changes within your eyes and monitor any ongoing conditions you may have. It is a proactive way of ensuring premium patient care.


This advancement in eye care essentially means that optometrists are more able than ever to offer cutting edge technology as part of routine eye exams. As our world changes so does the role of technology in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, which is always of the utmost importance. Now more than ever it is critical that eye care specialists utilize the most progressive types of equipment and screenings that surpass the workings of conventional eye care to ensure that your health and well-being comes first. Retinal imaging is preventive whereas conventional methods of medicine are often reactive in nature.

Many people are not aware that there is sometimes no discomfort or symptomology associated with certain ocular conditions and therefore it is possible to have a condition that will go undiagnosed until extensive damage has already been done. This is why regular screenings using retinal imaging can become so crucial in catching ocular or medical conditions early on which enables early treatment. For patients this means better chance of recovery, appropriate monitoring of newly discovered conditions, minimizing damage to vision as well as reducing the chance of requiring invasive procedures further down the line.

You only have one set of eyes and you only have one body. That is why this form of imaging is highly recommended by many eye care specialists. However due to the cost of this specialized equipment not all Toronto optometry clinics currently offer this screening.

At 360 Eyecare we offer retinal imaging to all patients who wish to complete it and we do strongly recommend it. We are a progressive Toronto based optometry clinic who believes strongly in offering the most proactive and full scope patient care. If you are in Toronto and you are looking for an eye exam including retinal imaging, 360 Eyecare is the place for you!