HYLO® Lubricating Eye Drops


Eye Drops
10mL bottle



  • Offers immediate comfort and long lasting dry eye relief.
  • Is preservative free and usually very well tolerated.
  • Is phosphate free, avoiding complications like deposits in the cornea.

How does HYLO® work?

HYLO® eye drops contain Sodium Hyaluronate, the sodium salt of Hyaluronic Acid. It forms a regular, stable, long lasting lubricating film on the ocular surface. This film is not easily rinsed off and does not cause blurred vision.

  • Contains 1mg/mL Sodium Hyaluronate, a citrate buffer, sorbitol and water.
  • Is indicated “to improve the lubrication of the eye surface in eyes that are dry, burning or have foreign body sensations due to environmental conditions including after ophthalmo-surgical interventions”.
  • Protects your patients’ eyes from dryness and irritation for a long time.
  • Supplies long lasting moisture to the cornea and conjunctiva so that the physiologic process of healing is efficaciously supported.
  • Is favored by patients (comfortable, no “stinging“ upon application)
  • Is well tolerated after LASIK or cataract surgery and keratoplasty

Product: HYLO®
Type: Eye Drops
Format size: 10 mL bottle
Manufacturer: Candor Vision


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