Prescription lenses are lenses that are designed to aid with vision. In most cases, these lenses are prescribed by an eye doctor after it has been determined that you have a problem with your vision. Such vision problems include nearsightedness and farsightedness. In other cases, these lenses are used to protect the eyes from excess light such as from the use of a computer all day.

Since each individual has different needs, lenses come in different types. Also, lens manufacturers are going out of their way to design and produce custom lenses that ensure the needs of each user are met. These lenses are manufactured in different materials that include plastic, glass and polycarbonate.

Here is a look at the various types of prescription lenses:


single vision lenses

Single Vision lenses are lenses that are designed to have one consistent focal power. This power is the same from one edge of the lens to the other. These lenses are designed to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Since the focal power is set, these lenses only have one viewing distance, which may be near, intermediate or distant.


diagram of progressive lensesThese lenses are also referred to as no-line bifocals. These are lenses that provide near, intermediate and distance vision. The latest technology in progressive lenses is the digital progressive lens. The main feature that makes digital progressive lenses stand out is their customizability.

Traditionally, progressive lenses utilized pre-molded designs, meaning the same design was used for all the lenses. In the case of digital progressive lenses, all specific applications such as strength, lens material and use are all taken into consideration during production. This leads to the production of lenses that have a smoother vision and wider fields of view.

There are many lens manufacturers in the world today. However, some have over the years developed their design and technology to stand out from the rest. These manufacturers provide high-quality lenses that serve different needs. So, who are the best prescription lens makers in the market? Here are the top picks:



HOYA logoHoya is a global provider of optical lenses and eyewear. The company has been a producer of optical products for over 75 years and has grown and spread to over 50 countries. The company employs award-winning technology in the design of their lenses.

Hoya’s Double Surface Design separates the geometry of progressive lenses into vertical and horizontal components. Each of these is positioned individually on each lens. The design takes into account the unique needs of each user to ensure the lenses provide the most comfortable and accurate vision.

Hoya’s Binocular Harmonization Technology allows for the optimization of both lenses’ design so that the eyes receive equal accommodative support.  This technology addresses the anisometropic prescriptions (when the two lenses have different corrective powers) as it provides a binocular solution.


Nikon is a company that has provided optical solutions through their products since 1917. Even though they are better known for their camera lenses, the company has been designing and making prescription lenses since 1946. Nikon is well known for their premium products. Here is a look at some of their prescription lenses:

Nikon SeeMax

These are double-side single vision lenses by Nikon that deliver the highest level of visual performance and aesthetics. These lenses utilize Nikon’s unrivaled expertise and technology to deliver unsurpassed visual performance across the lens’ entire surface. These custom lenses reduce distortions on the periphery by a great degree. These lenses are recommended for high astigmatism.

Nikon SeeMax Power 
Nikon logo

These are dual-power progressive lenses by Nikon. These custom lenses are designed to meet the optical performance needs of each user. These lenses incorporate the user’s pupil distance, far vision power, near working distance and lens shape data into their design to ensure that the lenses provide utmost wearing comfort.

Nikon SeeCoat Blue Coating

The latest in Nikon’s line of AR (anti-reflective) coating is the SeeCoat Blue Premium UV. This coating is designed to cut more blue light while still providing the user with natural colors while looking at the screen. This new coating provides enhanced contrast on digital screens and features an e-SPF that protects the eyes from UV.

Blue light is known to cause eye strain after long periods of exposure. With recent screen technologies giving birth to brighter screens, there is a greater need for protection against blue light and UV.

SeeCoat Blue coating is tough, smudge resistant, dust-free, provides better contrast and provides full UV protection. This gives it an edge over other protective coatings.


Essilor is a lens manufacturer renowned for their cutting edge lens technology. Formed back in 1972, the company has grown to become a leading manufacturer of prescription lenses globally. Among their greatest achievements is the invention of varifocal lenses. These varifocal lenses include: 
essilor logo

Varilux Digitime

These are mid-distance varifocal lenses designed for use on different device screens, including tablets, TVs, smartphones and computers. These lenses provide a relaxing experience when using these digital devices. These lenses are divided into different zones:

Varilux Digitime Near: This zone helps the eyes focus on a tablet or smartphone. This is the wide near vision zone located at the bottom of the lens. Minimum depth of field for this zone is 80cm.

Varilux Digitime Mid: This zone helps to reduce neck strain when working at a desk. This is the wide intermediate vision zone on the lens. Minimum depth of field for this zone lens is 100cm.

Varilux Digitime Room: This zone is suitable for watching TV. It reduces the stress on the eyes and allows for clear vision with no distortion. This is the wide extended vision zone located at the top of the lens. The minimum depth of field for this zone is 220cm.

Varilux S Series  
Varilux S Series lneses logo

These are progressive lenses that aim at providing the clearest vision. These are designed to eliminate the ‘off-balance’ feeling. These lenses also provide the user with quicker focus when shifting between various vision distances.

Varilux S series lenses feature Crizal UV protection that works on both the front and back sides of the lens. Crizal UV offers water and dust repellence, exceptional durability, scratch resistance and protection against light glare.

Varilux Physio

These lenses offer sharp vision coupled with unrivalled contrast under any light conditions. These lenses are great for outdoor sports. They feature Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement technology that works by identifying and eliminating distortion.

Varilux Comfort

Varilux Comfort lenses offer support for dynamic vision. These allow for rapid changes in focus while still maintaining a natural head position.

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