OGI & Seraphin Eyewear

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It was in 1997 when David Spencer, working at his boutique optical in Minnesota, had the idea to design his own frames. Eyewear had always been a part of his life: he was the son of an optometrist, and had owned and operated Specs for over a decade before the idea to expand his business came to flourish.

From cold calling his local optical competition to hopping on any flight he could to the international market, David worked tirelessly as a one-man operation to sell his line as a unique independent alternative to the massive manufacturers and design labels.

Very quickly, David was able to leave behind his optical and jump fulltime into growing his increasingly popular eyewear line, and today OGI has expanded to include six diverse frame lines, including OGI, OGI Kids, and Seraphin.

What is OGI Eyewear?

ogi eyewear colourful frameOGI is, and has always been, an independent eyewear label with a focus on cultivating a distinctly creative yet classic look for its frames.

As a design rule, OGI seeks to blend bold shapes with vibrant colours and patterns, carefully crafting their frames down to even the smallest of details. Yet, even the boldest deigns have a sense of simplicity to them, with clean lines that accentuate the frames, not distract from them.

OGI has always had a vision of independence, and supporting independent owners in the industry, cultivating an original look that is both trend-setting and affordable. To this end, OGI strives to keep its product line current and fresh, and consistently releases bold new designs.

OGI frames are hand crafted with premium acetate and feature a notable quality that does not break the bank. It all comes back to David Spencer’s founding philosophy: quality and value, originality and innovation. In a short amount of time OGI has grown into one of the world’s leading independent premium fashion eyewear lines.

What is Seraphin Eyewear?

seraphin frame in blueSeraphin features a beautiful blend of classic deigns and modern sophisticated trends, for those who want a touch of the old world without looking dated. Seraphin is perfect for those with a nostalgic craving. Handcrafted with premium materials and acetates, Seraphin takes OGI’s founding ideals and pushes them to the next level.

While Seraphin still has its roots in Minnesota, Seraphin is manufactured in Japan and features distinctive Japanese acetates and titanium hardware. There is a level of care evident in each model, from the durable hinges to the precisely crafted bridges that ensure comfort all day long. Seraphin frames radiate quality while still being fashionable and timeless.

If OGI is the everyday fashionable, then Seraphin is the sophisticated fashionable.

Looking Forward

Both eyewear lines strive to keep their collections fresh and interesting, with new releases on a regular basis that draw inspiration from the past, brought forward with a modern chic aesthetic.

OGI and Seraphin are both available at our 360 Eyecare – Rosedale and 360 Eyecare – Beaches locations. We invite you to visit us to view these retro-modern innovative designs. With bold colours and clean-cut shapes, you’re sure to fall in love.