Maui Jim Lens Technology

Maui Jim: “What lenses are best suited for your outdoor Lifestyle?”

Maui jim sunglasses

All of Maui Jim’s sunglasses come polarized as a standard. Based on your lifestyle and the sports you may play Maui Jim has specifically designed lenses to enhance the colors of the great outdoors. Some of the lens tints that are available exclusively to Maui Jim include neutral grey, HCL bronze, Maui rose, and Maui ht. The materials available for the lens are super thin glass, Maui pure, Maui evolution, and Maui brilliant to further enhance the optics within the polarized tints. This guide is to help you to better consider the proper tints and materials based on your outdoor activities.

As all Maui Jim lenses are polarized, it is important you factor in what polarized tint is best for. For example, if you golf quite frequently you may want to consider a polarizedplus 2 lens with a brown tint to help with the contrast and refine the optics while on the course.

The tints Maui Jim has available to order are:

Hyper Precise Polarization:

Most conventional lenses include polarization as a coating, but Maui Jim’s lenses are different. Maui Jim incorporates the polarization into the lens. When it is inside of the lens it maximizes the clarity and eliminates most of the glare emitted off smooth, flat, and or shiny surfaces.

Maui Gradient:

Another fashionable lens that has a darker portion and gradually gets lighter as we reach the bottom of the lens allowing limited light through each portion.

Bi-Gradient Mirror:

This lens was designed by placing the flash coating on the bottom and the top of the lens. When applied to both the top and the bottom it prevents our eyes from squinting, allowing them to relax.

HCL Bronze:

The more standard polarized lens Maui Jim has to offer, while there is no specific use for the lens it works best on overcast days to full sunshine.

Blue Hawaii Flash Mirror:

Like other flash coatings designed ultimately for fashion. When applied to the polarized plus 2 lens it helps to further reduce the amount of light passing through the lens and helps to boost colour.

Blue Hawaii Flash Mirror

Maui Pure

Offers great optics but in addition to tints it is shatter-resistant, lightweight, and has a great scratch coat.

Maui Evolution

The lightweight polycarbonate lens has great optics and is more impact-resistant compared to other lenses.

Maui Brilliant

One of Maui Jim’s feature lenses as it optimizes optics and weight. The advanced technology in this lens provides the wearer with phenomenal optics combined with 1/3 the conventional weight.

Neutral Grey:

Lenses are specifically designed for people who are in bright light environments. With the grey contrast, you are able to experience much more vibrant colours.

Maui Rose

This tone is said to be the most comforting to the eyes, with its high contrast rose colour it makes it easier to further sharpen the focus while outdoors.

When selecting a material it is important that you take into account what activities you may be doing outdoors and your prescription. When visiting your optician or optometrist they often recommend or will prescribe you the most suitable material based on your lifestyle.

Super thin glass when paired with these tints offers the wearer the best optical experience. However, it is a bit heavier than plastic but still lighter and thinner than regular glass.


Taking this into careful consideration helps you choose the option that best suits your lifestyle for optimum vision and comfort when choosing your next eyeglasses.