La Font: The History of an Iconic Brand

If you are looking for a chic pair of glasses with an array of colourful designs and unique shapes, La Font is the brand for you. At 360 Eyecare we carry well over 60 La Font frames both in spectacles and sunglasses. Our variety combined with La Font’s fun and flirty designs have made them one of our top selling brands. They are a line of glasses like no other that will most definitely become more than just your eyeglasses; they are likely to be one of your top accessories.

This elegant eyeglasses brand was formed over one hundred years ago and has continued to grow. Their founding principles are that of strong family ties and elegant designs; their goal has been to offer high quality frames with Parisian French flare that so many desire. The La Font brand was formed in the fall of 1923 in Paris’s Madeleine District by Louis La Font. His shop initially sold hearing aids as well as some spectacles. Philippe La Font, Louis’s grandson and his wife Laurence who was a fashion designer took eyeglasses and moulded them into fashion accessories that were accessible to all. Together Phillip and Laurence began creating an array of fashionable eyewear and even worked alongside well known fashion brands like Hermes and Chanel. The La Font brand currently has four eyewear boutiques in France and they export their products to over forty countries worldwide. They have become a sensation in the eye wear industry.

What sets this brand apart from the other is their continued dedication to craftsmanship and the retention of their families control over the designs and production of their glasses. Since their formation in 1923 they have remained entirely in charge of their design studio which is currently managed by Thomas La Font, the brands Creative Director. Each season the La Font family unveils at least thirty new models to their diverse collection, which equates to total of 120 new designs added each year. Their designs are also suitable for men, women and children; they are tailored in a way that ensures there is a frame suitable for just about anyone. In total La Font manufactures a whopping 330,000 frames annually for people to enjoy around the world. Each pair of glasses undergoes approximately 200 operations and adjustments before being unveiled as a custom made product. Many to most of these adjustments are actually done manually as well. If nothing else this is a demonstration of their complete dedication to offering only the highest quality products to their customers. There are no short cuts taken and each frame is overseen by approximately 100 sets of eyes to ensure only top quality products are revealed.

Thomas La Font believes strongly in the notion that inspiration is something that must be constantly nurtured as well as taught. He keeps his sketchbook with him most of the time because he draws inspiration figuratively and literally on a daily basis; to him inspiration is ongoing and can be drawn from things he experiences, encounters or witnesses each day. That is part of what makes La Font such a unique brand; there is an extreme attention to detail and dedication to the formation of new and exciting models. He and his team are not satisfied with stagnancy; they wish to continue growing. Their creation of eye wear products is more than just a production of goods; to them it is a passion and a lifestyle.

Each design process begins with a sketch that is then made into a technical scale before it moves into production in the factory. Manufacturing time can range from to 8 to 14 weeks before completion. What distinguishes La Font frames is the precise method of assembly, the extreme attention to detail and the assurance that each design as a whole is appropriately balanced. At the core of their design process is the belief that both comfort and style should go hand in hand; each wearer should feel that the frame they have chosen accurately reflects their style and their view of themselves in the world. They believe that a quality pair of glasses is truly an extension of the individual wearing them.

If ever you are on the hunt for a pair of glasses that embody elegance, grace, flair and most importantly that reflect who you are, look no further than La Font eyewear. Assuredly you will find a frame that fits you best and that truly adds to your style and your mindset. At 360 Eyecare we are thrilled to carry such an extensive line of fun and unique frames; they truly brighten our office as much as they brighten the lives of those who purchase them.