On September 9, 1979 two high school friends, Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, changed the perception of the eyecare industry with the launch of l.a. Eyeworks.  It started with a small storefront optical shop on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, California to crossing international borders through Italy and Japan.  l.a. Eyeworks is a recognized brand with a unique take on eyewear.  

Barbara and Gai had a vision for the eyewear industry blending their cultural diversity and uniqueness. They decided it was time to put their skills and knowledge to work. Barbara and Gai had worked closely with several well-known optical shops and learned special skills and trades from the area’s most remarkable craftsmen.  With that they were on a mission for success. Their goal was to design daring conversational pieces, each with unique and vibrant colours that would make a statement to each individual’s personality and needs.  Going beyond the basics to reveal ground-breaking designs was one of their greatest intentions. In doing so, Barbara and Gai had accomplished what they had set out to do, which was to encourage people to, “stop looking and start seeing”.

As opticians McReynolds and Gherardi understood the importance of comfort and vision.  which is clearly demonstrated throughout their frame line.  Having a background in eyecare, McReynolds and Gherardi focused their creative, colorful, and bold designs on facial proportions and the principles of making a comfortable and fitted frame that can accommodate a wide range of prescriptions, yet still being fashionable.

l.a. Eyeworks is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Italy and Japan which combines the use of advanced technologies and hand finished crafting to complete this technical process.  l.a. Eyeworks are available in acetate and metal and manufactured in limited quantities. In doing so, the creative team are able to focus on creating unique shapes and colours with innovative frame treatments to match the materials used in designing each frame.

McReynolds and Gherardi begun their creative journey with a hand-drawn sketch of each frame prototype and carefully followed through with each design process.  From the architectural frame design to cases and cleaning cloths, no minor details were left untouched by their creative and detailed minds.

Every aspect of an eyeglass frame, from shaping to construction has at one time or another been re-thought and re-invented as part of the designers’ imagination and creativity.  The result is an expanding legacy of unique glasses that balances innovation with comfort, which is a fine line between what is considered traditional and unconventional.  l.a.Eyeworks true intentions are to create exquisite pieces and to find a frame that doesn’t conforms to no fashion but makes it your own. “A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame” – l.a. Eyework.

Barbara and Gai had team up with celebrity photographer Greg Gorman since 1982 to showcase their invigorating collection of l.a. Eyeworks.  Which has graced the faces of countless celebrities, singers, athletes and performers.

l.a. Eyeworks are available at 360 Eyecare – Rosedale and 360 Eyecare – Beaches.  Drop by to view our one of a kind collection with dynamic colours, unconventional shapes, trendy and bold works of art.