Keeping Your Glasses Safe


Deciding on a new pair of glasses can be an exciting process. Finding the perfect frame for your face shape, size and style as well as lenses for all your visual needs can be a time-consuming task. For most people, it can also be a financial investment. Sometimes, frames may see different sets of lenses over various prescription changes and can be used for several years. There are certain habits you can form to try to prolong the life of your glasses and get the biggest use out of your investment.

When lenses are put into frames, they come with a series of coatings to achieve certain tasks such as anti-reflection or a blue light filter as well as to protect the lens. Often, our lenses come with an oleophobic, hydrophobic, static and scratch resistant coating. These coatings are intended to help avoid the lens in as good a condition as possible. Over time, these coatings will break down, but the goal is to keep them protecting your lens for as long as possible. Unfortunately, once these coatings have defected, lenses cannot be “buffed out” or re-coated. Often this looks like there’s a stain that you can’t remove from the lens or the lens appears to be peeling and it becomes hard to see through it. Keeping your glasses in good condition is fairly simple as long as you form some healthy habits.

How to Clean Your Glasses

glasses cleaningOne of the tasks that you do most frequently to keep your glasses working is cleaning them. Oleophobic, hydrophobic and static guarding coatings will help to prevent some of the fingerprints, stains, and dust that will accumulate on your lenses, but they will never be entirely enough. Washing your lenses under water will help remove dust and debris particles. Try to rinse off your glasses once per day so that these bits don’t cause micro abrasions on your lenses when you’re wiping them off. When you’re wiping your lenses, use an eyewear specific spray. If you stop by any of our locations, we are always fully stocked and hand them out for free. Try not to use any other detergents, particularly Windex/glass cleaners, which contain ammonia as this will surely strip the coatings off your glasses. Also as important as the spray is the cloth. Microfibre clothes are the most effective at cleaning lenses as they trap debris and oils. Try to avoid cleaning with tissues, paper towel, or clothing items as they may create miniscule scratches in the lens that will speed up coating defection. Make sure you throw your cloth in the washing machine regularly. Maintaining proper cleaning habits for your lenses is crucial in the longevity of your lenses.

Caring For Your Glasses

glasses-case-keeping-your-glasses-safeThe usage and storage of your glasses can affect both the condition of the frame and the lenses greatly. When taking your glasses off, get in the practice of taking them off with both hands as to not stress one side of the frame too often. Also, however convenient it may be, try to keep your glasses off of the top of your head or swinging from your collar. Also, when falling asleep, try to remember to take them off. When you aren’t using them, try to keep them in a case. This will protect them from the majority of accident-related incidents. Try to keep your glasses out of extreme heat. Holding your glasses firmly and keeping them protected when not wearing them will go a long way in keeping them useful for as long as possible.

Even with the best habits, glasses may ultimately loosen up over time. With various warranties, we can help protect both your frames and lenses. Glasses can easily be adjusted at any of our locations if there are any issues with fit or if they’re just needing a tune-up. Feel free to stop by one of our locations and we’ll be happy to help, free of charge.