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As parents, you want nothing but the best health and quality of life for your child. So when a child is diagnosed with a refractive error that requires visual correction, it can trigger an avalanche of questions: What kind of kids glasses are there? Are there frames that will fit my young child? Are kids frames durable? What if my child plays sports? What will be the best for my child?

As children’s eyes are still growing, it is imperative that any visual corrective needs be addressed as soon as possible in order not to hinder a child’s learning ability during this critical period of development. But just because a child must wear glasses does not mean they cannot have fun with their frames. The more a child likes their glasses, the more they will be open to wearing them as the optometrists prescribe.

This is where a few kid-specific eyewear lines shine.

What is Superflex Kids?

superflex kids eyeglasses - 360 eyecareA recognizable name in the eyewear industry, the SuperFlex brand was designed in-house and owned by the Canadian distribution company WestGroupe. Comprising of three separate design lines, with one specifically for kids, the secret to SuperFlex is in the name: every SuperFlex frame is constructed with spring hinges to provide that secure and comfortable fit.

The collection features frames that are made of materials such as stainless steel, light-weight aluminum, and acetate. There are a wide range of shapes and funky colours available, with eye-catching temple details and sparkles that are sure to grab the interest of any child.

SuperFlex Kids is a line that aims to stay affordable and fun, for that extra peace of mind for parents without breaking the budget.

But what about for those really young, or really active kids?

What Makes Life Italia Special?

life italia eyeglasses - 360 eyecareComing out of Italy is a relatively new eyewear line that wants to let kids be kids without letting their glasses get in the way.  Also distributed by WestGroupe, Life Italia features lightweight frames with easy-to-wear shapes that both parents and kids can enjoy. As each model has several bright and vibrant colours available, there is sure to be something for even the pickiest of kids. The collection contains many frames in varying sizes, ideal for kids between the ages of 3 and 14, with the smaller frames constructed with lower set bridges to help sit properly on younger children.

The flexibility and durability of each frame are what makes Life Italia unique. Constructed from a medical rubber that allows for 270 degrees of flex and movement for those active rough-and-tumblers, the frame easily springs back to its original position for extra durability and peace of mind. The rubber is also hypoallergenic, avoiding the possibility of any kind of allergic reaction on sensitive skin.

What about those active kids who bike, take part in sports, play tag? Each frame comes with a removable and adjustable safety strap that will hold the frame in place during physical play. The strap is just as fun and colourful as the frames, designed to be eye-popping in case the frames do slip off into the grass during activity.

Trendy Eyewear for the Whole Family

Kids want to have fun and fashionable eyewear just like their parents, and parents want to have dependability and affordability. With lines like SuperFlex Kids and Life Italia, there is no need to choose between the two. These are frames that everyone has a reason to smile about.

SuperFlex Kids and Life Italia are now both available our 360 Eyecare – Rosedale and 360 Eyecare – Beaches locations. Give us a call to book your child their pediatric eye exam and view these collections in person.