First Visit To A New Eye Doctor / Optometrist

Having a reliable and trusting relationship with your eye doctor is important. The first visit to a new eye doctor is as equally important. Even if medical attention is not required at that very moment, it is important to have the first visit as soon as possible. This is important because it will ensure both you and your doctor are comfortable with each other. Use the first visit to introduce yourself and your new doctor to your medical history. Of course, the doctor can see all of the details on your medical chart. But having a relaxed chat and discussing concerns or things that make you uncomfortable.

If you are already wearing glasses, make sure you bring them for your first visit with your new eye doctor. Even if you only use them for reading, it can be helpful information in the future. Introduce yourself. Tell your doctor about your job, and work environment. Make sure you have all the details about your previous health problems, if there were any. This includes family history. Some eye diseases run in the family and can cause problems in older age. It is important to mention your family members with health issues such as diabetes, heart disease etc. as it is important information. It is paramount to inform the new doctor of any eye diseases or conditions you may have had. Regardless if it was eye allergy five years ago, your new doctor needs to know about it. Make sure you remember how long ago the issue happened and the outcome. If you were prescribed medication,try to remember the name and dosage.

Some eye diseases can’t be cured, and prolonged treatment is necessary. In this instance it is important to know which medications had impact and which did not. In these situations it is highly advisable to speak to your doctor, tell him your opinion, how you feel so far about your problems and did you notice any change. If a patient says he feels better when he really doesn’t the doctor might change or stop treatment,or introduce new medications that will not help.

In the event the reason for an eye doctor visit is a new health-related issue, the doctor needs to know as many details as possible. Important details include how long the problem has been present, symptoms, and any possible causes like a change of environment or injury. These details can make a great impact in determining diagnosis and the best treatment. Ask your doctor everything you find important. If you have any concerns about a current medical condition or worried about what can happen in the future, it is important to voice your concerns. All of these concerns about treatment, medications and procedures should be answered. The more a doctor knows, the more it can help you to get the best possible results.