Your child needs an Optometrist: Here is why

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Children rarely complain or report vision problems. This does not often mean that they have perfect eyesight. Most children even those with eye problems assume that everyone sees the vision that they have. Moreover, most children are unable to identify slight changes in their vision. This makes them vulnerable to eye problems that can be prevented with earlier discovery. Studies show that 1 out of 5 kids suffer from one form of eye condition. It is thus important that that the attention of optometrists for kids is sought.

Importance of eye examination

The eye is a very delicate part of the human body. It coordinates with the brain to offer humans one of the most essential senses which is sight. Some of the vision problems may be obvious and easily detectable while other may be impossible to detect without specialized skills and equipment. Eye examinations are critical for kids because they facilitate early detection of eye condition and subsequent treatment or correction.

Kids have more eye challenges than adults. It is important that early examinations are undertaken to verify that the eyes are functioning as expected. Examinations are also essential for assessment of the progressive development of the eye during these early stages in life.

What to expect from an optometrists for kids?

Eye examination is one of the main activities within a kids’ optometrists premise. The common exam conducted on kids includes behavioral optometry. The examination is an expanded form of eye assessment that includes the visual and motor processing skills of the kid. The exam allows the optometrist to identify the coordination between the brain and the eye.

Optometrists for kids offer vision therapy in case they are suffering from an eye condition. Among the common therapeutic offered by these facilities include eye exercises, prisms, lenses, and eye patching. Among the common vision challenges addresses through these procedures include lazy eyes, eye teaming, poor eye focusing, strabismus, and amblyopia among others.

These facilities also offer myopia control services. This procedure is about enabling the patent understand their options to reducing the pace of myopia progression. This service is offered together with extensive consultations in the interest of the kid.

How often does a kid need to visit optometrists for kids?

Eye exams are recommended for both school going and non-school going children. All children should attend a comprehensive eye examination by the age of three after their sixth month after birth. At this age, the kids will not have started active learning or schooling. This will allow the discovery of any eye condition that needs correction. Once the children start attending school, regular eye checkups after every two years is recommended. Those with complications may have more frequent follow ups.

Optometrists for kids provide the right solutions for impending problems and facilitate proper sight development of the child. These services play a critical role in influencing the learning and socialization of the child. With the right services, the eye challenges can be resolved and the state of vision of the child improved. The process is thus crucial for every parent.