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  Children rarely complain or report vision problems. This does not often mean that they have perfect eyesight. Most children even those with eye problems assume that everyone sees the vision that they have. Moreover, most children are unable to identify slight changes in their vision. This makes them vulnerable to eye problems that can

Maintain Good Eyesight

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  Sight is a primary sense. Don’t take it for granted. In fact. you should adopt the following 6 tips on maintaining good eyesight. 1. Eat for good vision Good vision starts with what you put on your plate. Foods rich in lutein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and E as well as zinc will
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Unfortunately, many older adults typically underestimate how critical a yearly, routine eye exam is for their health. After all, if their glasses are working fine, they may believe that they can avoid the expense of what they believe is an unnecessary visit to the eye doctor. However, something that you must keep in mind is