The rate of dry eye syndrome has been examined more closely in recent years in teens and adolescents. Studies have been conducted to examine several factors such as dry eye symptoms, signs, rate of blinking and the quality of blinks taken. Blinking is your eyes way of lubricating and keeping the eye surface moist. There

Eye exam beyond the Prescription

What’s really involved in a Comprehensive Eye Examination People might hear it often that they need to get their eyes checked on regular basis, but many still don’t quite understand why this is important.  The aim of this article is to demystify what goes on in a typical routine comprehensive eye exam and the importance

Eye Exam and a Contact Lens Exam

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Eye Exam vs Contact Lens Exam The comprehensive eye exam is a critical part of maximizing your eye health. Our eye doctors in Toronto provide these along with other vision care services, including contact lens exams. While similar in some respects, these two exams are different, and you very well may need both. What’s the

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

DRY EYE SYNDROME? Dry Eye Syndrome is a common problem for all ages.  It occurs when your tears are not sufficient or imbalanced to keep the front surface of the eye, your cornea, well lubricated.  The cornea needs constant lubrication by tears to stay healthy. Tears are made up of three components: an outer layer
In today’s busy world where everyone is rushing here and there, it’s comforting to know that some people have your back. Often, those people are your neighbours. At 360 Eyecare, our aim is simple:

Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care Quick Question: what do you do if you are working on your yard and accidentally get a wood chip or other foreign object in your eye? Do you: a) ignore it and hope it works its way out? b) rush to the emergency ward or urgent care centre of your local hospital?

Eye Exams for Health and Vision

Eye exams for health are not just for people who notice changes in their vision, but eye exams are a key part of our overall health care. A comprehensive eye exam performed by a licensed eye doctor, or optometrist, is more than a simple visual screening. It’s an assessment of your ocular and overall health.
Canadian eye health and vision care comprise mainly of optometrists. They are vital for the diagnosis and treatment of eye defects and diseases. They are the first...

Dilated Eye Exam

A thorough eye exam involves tonometry, dilation, visual acuity test and visual field test. Dilation is significant because it enables an eye professional to examine your eye...

Adapting to Progressive Lenses

When you are first fitted with your progressive lenses, you may require a brief adaptation period to become comfortable when using your lenses. This could take...